Designed UI for a tool that enables travel lovers to seamlessly research and organize their next adventure on both website and mobile platforms.
2 days
Project Type
Visual Design
Website Design
Mobile Design
UI Designer
Client Background
Wayfarer is a travel website that required a new landing page and mobile app design. Their platform allows travelers to discover new locations to visit around the world. Although it does not directly sell any trips, flights, or accommodations, people use the site as a tool to research where to travel next, based on their preferences. Wayfarer's target audience is anyone who travels frequently and is in search of new adventures.
Create a unique yet consistent user interface.
Usability Heuristics
When approaching this project, I followed Jakob Nielsen's 10 usability heuristics for interaction design. These principles helped to inform my UI design and keep the focus on making it user-friendly and appropriate.

I studied other apps and websites that offer similar kinds of services for the user (including Trip Advisor, Expedia, Airbnb, and more). I discovered many patterns I did not see before when using those apps as a user, and the UX of these products helped me to better understand the process by asking myself the "WHY?" question a lot.

I challenged myself to use a vibrant blue color for CTA buttons as well as use imagery that will convey a sense of adventure and excitement to the targeted demographics.
Design Question
"How might we create an appealing visual for a useful travel product?"
I started by creating multiple sketches for the screens, as well as studying the UX of the websites and apps that offer similar products.
Visual Design
Once the sketches were done, I started working on the mood board for the Wayfarer to lead me through the visual design of the platform. This allowed me to test the typography, color schemes, and icons before jumping into the desktop and mobile screens.

For the color scheme, I decided to pick an energetic blue as the main color, followed by bold pinks and yellows to convey a sense of excitement and appeal to the adventurous side of people.

For type choice, to optimize readbility, I selected a sans serif font - Proxima Nova. The fonts give the platform a clean and simple look and feel.
Final Design
The final design provides a minimal UI that keeps the focus on exploring new destinations for people's next trip.
(Desktop) Landing Page
(Mobile) Sign Up / In
(Mobile) Explore List of Destinations
(Mobile) Welcome Back
(Mobile) Destination Details
When working on these designs, I challenged myself to create a simple and minimalistic design while ensuring that I offer all of the essential features for a travel product. My main goal was to ensure that I followed essential accessibility guidelines while also creating a usable and neat product. My key takeaway is the importance of following usability heuristics to achieve a thoughtful design. If I were to continue this project, I would love to explore the plan pages and features to make organizing trips even easier for more people.