Hi, I'm Kayley! I'm glad that you stumbled upon this page to get to know more about me!

I grew up in the San Mateo County within the greater San Francisco Bay Area before moving to LA for college to take in more sunshine and vitamin D. I am a designer, environmentalist, and recent UCLA graduate 💙🐻💛

In addition to designing for Ad 2, I'm currently pursuing a certificate in Product Design with DesignLab.

In my free time, I'm a collector of hobbies, but the ones I show most love to are baking, long distance running, journaling, and window shopping at local fairs. If you want to chat, geek out over art, or grab brunch and talk design, don't hesitate to shoot me an email.



Key Skills

User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Qualitative Research
Brand Identity

Before Ad 2, I worked as a graphic designer for UCLA's Office of Sustainability for a year, interned with the Sustainable Production Alliance (members include Disney, NBCUniversal, and HBO) to develop an environmental cost-benefit analysis tool, and designed and illustrated for a web-based game. My experiences have taught me important lessons and helped me develop a strong work ethic.

Over-communication always wins.

As an introvert, initially, I felt hesitant to proactively ask clarifying questions. However, I found that communicating often and promptly always helps avoid issues down the line.

Good project and time management skills differentiate people.

Having worked on multiple projects at the same time helped me identify priorities and divide my time wisely on tasks.

The world is a library.

I draw inspiration for my designs from everyday experiences and diverse fields, incorporating fresh perspectives, color combinations, shapes, and elements to elevate my work.

Extend empathy whenever you can.

Working in a fast-paced environment inevitably causes stress, so give your colleagues some understanding and care.